zaterdag 21 mei 2011

My first give-away!

Hey lovely followers,
Well, I'm very bussy with my blog leoniae, I haven't got time to make new posts on this blog, sorry for that :S.
But now, I have my first give-away on my blog leoniae, and I thought, maybe you want to join the give-away?

You can click in my gadgetlist on translation, than you can read it (because it's normally Dutch) ;). The only thing I ask:
Do you join my give-away, but you live abroad (not in the Netherlands), then I ask a small contribution for the postage, it will not be much, but otherwise I really spend too much many on this give-away ^ - ^ .

So I hope you join my give-away! This is what you can win:

Lots of love,

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Sorry to have not posted in a while...

Hey lovely followers,
I have not posted in a while, that's  because I have 3 blogs on my name, and I was a little busy with those...
I have made a fimo blog, that's clay where you can make  instance jewelry of!
This is my new blog, only one thing...It's in Dutch, so I hoe (when you are English), you like the photo's.:
 already curious?
Lots of love,
p.s: I have a blog ( most work goes to that blog...) called I hope you will have a look there ^-^.

donderdag 3 februari 2011

My homemade design.

Hey lovely followers,
sorry that I haven't blogging in a while.  So I hope you love the designs that I made:
This dress has at the top, a piece that is double and a knot on the shoulder.
This is an old design/drawing (also on my other blog: but I just love the dress! I hope, that one day, I really make this dress.
Only now, I'm just not so good with the sewing machine, so I hope that I will get better in that ^-^.

Lots of love,
p.s: Do you also have designs, what kind of designs do you have? 

zaterdag 22 januari 2011

My self made hair accessory. DIY

Hey lovely followers,
Today I made a hair accessory.
I love flowers so I have made a hair accessory with a flower. It is very easy to make.

So here the tips, so you can make it!
1: What you need: Fake flowers, a hair clip,something for in the middle of all the flowers, scissors, thread, a cotter pin and a needle.
Often you can buy fake flowers in a shop. The fake flowers are on  (for example) a Hawaii necklace, then you need to take them apart. (cut the necklace). Then you will get (see the picture) loose fake flowers.

2: Step 1 of making: First you'll take the cotter pin and put it by all the fake flowers.Then you sew the flowers together. If you think that they are well together, you remove the cotter pin. Then you sew the hair clip to the flowers.
If you did that you're almost done.

3: Something for in the middle: I chose a star, but you can also choose something else, it does not really matter.
Sew it to the flowers and you're done! This is my hair accessory:

Do you like it? I do! It was pretty easy, but you may think differently ;).
I would love to see how you made it!

Lots of love,

zondag 16 januari 2011

My homemade (cover) bag.

Hey lovely followers,
my first Creation was a cover for a bag. I had a bag, but found it really ugly. So I decided to make a cover for it. The cover is handy, because you can remove it again and you can put another cover over it. I first measured the bag around to make sure the cover was big enough, but not too tight. Then I made it with fabric and a sewing machine. But something was missing when I finished the cover. So I made a necklace and attached to the bag. Now, he was really ready and just like my style.

 Hope you love it.
Lots of love,

The first post.

Hey lovely followers,
my name is Leoniae. I love doing creative things, and I make my own fashion. I love to make my own stuff, and I hope you will like my style. I will put my homemade fashion on my blog with tips so you can soon make your own fashion just like I do.

Have fun reading my blog, and if you got questions or suggestions for me, you can put it in a comment or send me an email.
, Leoniae.