zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Sorry to have not posted in a while...

Hey lovely followers,
I have not posted in a while, that's  because I have 3 blogs on my name, and I was a little busy with those...
I have made a fimo blog, that's clay where you can make  instance jewelry of!
This is my new blog, only one thing...It's in Dutch, so I hoe (when you are English), you like the photo's.:
 already curious?
Lots of love,
p.s: I have a blog ( most work goes to that blog...) called I hope you will have a look there ^-^.

donderdag 3 februari 2011

My homemade design.

Hey lovely followers,
sorry that I haven't blogging in a while.  So I hope you love the designs that I made:
This dress has at the top, a piece that is double and a knot on the shoulder.
This is an old design/drawing (also on my other blog: but I just love the dress! I hope, that one day, I really make this dress.
Only now, I'm just not so good with the sewing machine, so I hope that I will get better in that ^-^.

Lots of love,
p.s: Do you also have designs, what kind of designs do you have?